Standard packaging

Not all standard packaging is the same. We have a wide range of standard packaging adaptable to the product. To achieve excellence in product presentation, in the standard range, we can customize the format with an interior design according to the customer’s needs, respecting their sealing lasts.

We offer packaging solutions for special needs such as deep-freezing, pasteurization or tamper-proof packaging.

We use materials suitable for the requirements and always respectful with the environment.

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Services we offer

  • We advise
  • We have special materials available
  • We customize standard formats
  • We produce
  • We offer safety stock, assistance and logistics

Packaging requirements

Resistant to

  • Pasteurización
  • Autoclave
  • Refrigeración
  • Congelación
  • Microondas

Closing systems

  • MAP
  • SKIN
  • Inviolable


  • Aplicación de absorbente
  • Etiquetaje

Customization of standard packaging

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Typology of products

MAP trays

SKIN trays




We focus on making environmentally friendly, circular solutions for the marketplace a reality.

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