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Environmentally friendly circular solutions for the marketplace

RESPECT is the result of an innovative technology that has definitively solved the problem of sealing single-material APET trays, guaranteeing:

  • Sealing security
  • High production speed
  • Wide choice of barrier film types
  • Packaging selection and recyclability

A new technology for the circular economy, the name of which evokes respect for the planet, to safeguard the future of new generations by optimising production processes.

RESPECT, in fact, innovates the tray assembly process through simple steps:


Edge surface treatment


Adhesive layer coating


Quality control of the adhesive layer


Container sealing


Container opening


Container recycling



More recycling, less waste

Tests carried out in a North American research laboratory, member of the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), to verify the recyclability rate of products treated with the RESPECT system have given extraordinary results: by using PET or rPET heat-sealable film and tray with glue with a high recyclability rate, the circularity of the raw material is guaranteed, which can be recovered and reused. Giving plastic a new life reduces waste, for a world increasingly free of plastic waste.

The electrical energy that ROEN PLASTIC
100% of the energy it consumes comes from
renewable energy

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